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Overweight, Obesity, and Health

Have you ever felt exhausted easily? Have you ever had heavier breathing especially after doing over weight activity? Do you belong to overweight or obesity category?

Overweight and obesity are a condition where you have extra weight, which causes an excessive fat storage. You can recognize these by measuring your Body Mass Index (BMI) as following: Overweight BMI ≥23 and obesity BMI ≥25.

The more calories you consume than the calories you burn is causing excess calories to be accumulated in the form of fat. And if it happens in a long time, it will cause you to gain overweight and even obesity.

This nutritional problem is affected by many factors, such as age, gender, genetic, physical activity, and your lifestyle. There are many risks that can occur both in term of physical and psychological health as well as your quality of life. Following are some of physical problems that may occurs, including heart disease, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure (hypertension), breathing difficulties due to excessive fat that accumulates in abdominal and chest area, arthritis, inflammation on muscles, and, gastric acid rises easily, varicose veins, and stroke as well. And of course if the psychological matters arise, that caused you depressed, it will extremely decrease your health and your body endurance.

There are lots of reasons to keep your body fit and from being overweight. Do not delay your healthy lifestyle anymore from being fit and healthy by applying a healthy diet and exercising regularly. By having a normal weight, the risk of disease will decrease and you can maximize your quality of life.

 😊 be healthy and glowing inside outside. 

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